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To sell, to buy, check out Thrifty Nickel Online Classified! It’s like a garage sale except without all of the trekking, wasting money on gas, elbowing all the people trying to buy the exact same thing as you and the all around inconvenience!

With pockets pinched and ends barely meeting, no one needs extra costs and time drained away from them. Let the Thrifty Nickel show you deals you can’t find anywhere else on items you don’t have to live without just because cash flow is slow.

Purchasing new electronics hits the wallet hard. Instead of going out and buying something brand spanking new, save some cash and get a gently loved piece of electronic equipment that could last you just as long. Perhaps this 55 MITSUBISHI Projection TV, 1080i, $400. or best offer. 432-262-3467

Or just fix up what you already have. Just because a computer runs slow doesn’t make it garbage. Maybe you aren’t as web savvy as you fancy yourself and have intermittently infected your computer without ever being aware. Call a professional! COMPUTER CLEANING, internet hook up. If your computer is running slow or not at all. 12 years experience. Call Robert at 432-202-4048.

Perhaps, like most Americans, fed up with the state of this economic market, you’ve stumbled upon a business idea you find rife with potential. Do you need advice on how to make your hypothetical business a reality? Let someone who knows exactly what to do help you. STARTING A business? Need help with business already started? Let me help you with your bookkeeping needs. 30 years Full Charge Bookkeeper, A/R, A/P, Payroll, Payroll taxes, State taxes, General Ledger. Call 432-269-9495 leave a message and I will promptly call you back.

Maybe you feel boxed into a corner due to the times. Instead of filling that corner with more things to box you in, you could reorganize your insides if you LEARN THE Wonderful Art Of Tai Chi At Your Own Pace. Stress Reduction, Weight Loss and SelfEsteem.

Maybe you have solutions for other people. Advertise your services with us at It really couldn’t be easier. Head over, sign up for an account and then place an ad!  Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Try it out! $5.75 for the first ten words, .40 cents per each additional word. One picture free with each ad!  And because we love you and appreciate your business, we offer you a second week free!

For those who prefer a human touch for your business interactions, feel free to call in and place an ad. Our helpful and friendly staff are available starting at 8:15 every day of the week. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday our phone transactions and business locations shut down at 5 PM, Tuesday at 6 PM and Friday at 4 PM.

For the Odessa office place your calls to: (432)333-4184

For the Midland office dial: (432)580-7777

If you’re out on the town running errands already, we’re conveniently located at 2611 N. Golder, Odessa TX, 79761. That address works for mail-in ads as well!

Check out Thrifty Nickel Online Classified!

Check Out The Thrifty Nickel Free Classified

Mosey on over to the Thrifty Nickel Free Classified at and check out the best deals from the Permian Basin compiled into one glorious cacophony of ads online.

Let us help you make your dreams come true. Have you alway wanted a vending machine for your living room so you could pack it full of your DVDs? That way you could get one at random almost every night and essentially have a RedBox (but a better one stocked full of everything you’ve ever wanted to see or everything you love already!) in the comfort of your own home! We’ve got it for you right here: SODA/SNACK VENDING MACHINE for sale. It has a bill validator and electronic display. Works great! Always kept indoors. 432-235-0185. Asking $2200, but will consider all reasonable offers.

If you’re an analog gal like myself, you could stuff that vending machine chalk full of VHS tapes. That way you could meander on down to your local thrift store and purchase a small, but formidable army of VHS tapes (usually a dollar or less each) you’ve never seen or heard of to create a VHS Vending Machine Roulette sort of game.

Perhaps you dream of eating the most lip-smacking, mouth-watering BBQ this side of the Mississippi. I can’t guarantee we can show you where that is, but we for sure can set you off on a trail leading to your ultimate goal. MR. BROOKS BBQ. Monday Thursday, 11am-5pm. Friday 11am 3pm & 5pm8pm CATFISH FRIDAYS. Saturday 11am 3pm. Like US On Facebook. Check in for Daily Specials. Owner Julius Brooks. Mangers Roland & Jason Brooks. 432-685-5079, Midland. Honestly, that sounds delicious. I want some, immediately.

Maybe your dream is to make someone else’s dream come true. Have you found yourself in over your head? With child and unable to bear the expenses and hardships that accompany it? HAPPILY MARRIED young couple (30’s) seeks to adopt and complete family. Full Time Mom/Devoted Dad. Financial security. Expenses paid. Please call Lenny & Cristina 1-888-537-5055.

Maybe you’ve been looking to lose yourself in an All American Pastime. Why not get some pals together and sign up for the SOFTBALL TOURNEY March 24th thru March 25th., Midland Texas. Prizes for the top 4 teams. Call TJ 432-352-3397 or email amayabarber_2012

Anything you want, we don’t have it, but we can show you where it is.

It could not be easier to advertise online with the Thrifty Nickel Free Classified. Just head to and click the tab on the top of the page that reads Place An Ad! $5.75 for the first ten words, .40 cents per each additional word. One picture free with each ad!  And because we love you and appreciate your business, we offer you a second week free when you place your ad online at!

Head over as a buyer, register for an account and receive email alerts any time an item in your saved search field surfaces! We treasure hunt for you!

The Thrifty Nickel Wants YOU to Advertise Classified

For over thirty years the Thrifty Nickel has brought deals to the permian basin. Now, the Thrifty Nickel is ready to bring the permian basin’s deals to all of Texas, and the rest of the world via the internet.

For those out there with treasure hunting, garage-e-ologic skills or any inclination towards the thrifty, showcases a myriad of garage sales for you to peruse. We could even list your sale to entice other deal birds into your neck of the woods.

This week go on down to GARAGE SALE at 16166 Dogwood, Gardendale TX. Where sofa tables, dining room table,girls kids toys and clothes, artwork, patio table and much more abound. Friday 11:00-3:00; Saturday 8:30-12:00.

Maybe your yen for cheaper goods lies in a more specific arena. Perhaps you’ve been daydreaming of the perfect daybed. Go to our Furniture section on our website to browse over a dizzying amount of options! At first you think you only need a daybed until you see a COMPLETE BEDROOM Set for sale. Including a 5 ft. dresser with mirror, a chest of drawers, a twin with headboard, side tables. Include two glass top living room tables. All good condition. $400 package. Cash and carry. 432-296-8464. And you really can’t beat a deal like that.

Perhaps fine China floats your fancy. Someone posted a 136 PIECE Crown Victoria China. Love Lace Pattern. Worth $1,000, make offer. 432-550-4288. That’s an incredible deal. I might have to give that seller a call…

Maybe your budget is a bit tight (who’s isn’t these days?) and your refrigerator picked this month, of all the 100s of months it has had on this earth, to die. Check out the Thrifty Nickel online’s appliance section, providing you with plenty of options. Such as this MEDIUM LIKE New refrigerator, $175. 2 year old Maytag washer, $225. Side by side refrigerator, $295. Electric stove, $175. Whirlpool washer, $135. Free removal of unwanted appliances. 432-880-4812, Odessa.

Or perhaps you have no want for material goods but rather seek spiritual enrichment in the form of a FREE BIBLE STUDY COURSE. Who is God? What is his plan for me? Who is Jesus? Answer Questions from the bible, in this study Course. You may complete this study in the privacy of your own home, or you may call to study with a teacher. Please write to 6th & Jackson Church of Christ. 301 E. 6th St., Odessa, TX 79761. 432-332-0926.

The other amazing thing about the Thrifty Nickel Online is that once you register you can set up a running search for any item you so desire. As soon as an item within your search paramaters appears on the site, you receive a wonderful email full of good news in your inbox!

Just go to and register for an account. You can start selling today, or you can start buying today. Just get over there, TODAY!

Get Personal with Online Advertising

Utilize the Thrifty Nickel’s personals online advertising section, find romance before it slips through your fingers.

While you were out running errands today, did you see someone special? Real special, I mean. Someone who makes your heart stop and palms sweat and inside you just know, this IS the real deal? But they walk past you and you realize you can’t just blurt out “I love you” and expect anything to come of it. Take the step you should have taken, write a personal ad to right your wronged footing.

We only get one chance to make a first impression, or so some say. I say that’s not fair. Momentary lapse in bravery should never stand between potential lovers. For centuries, personal ads have given people chances to rewrite that lackluster sentence-moment in their lives.

Sara Bader, in her amazing book Strange Red Cow, chronicles a good handful of phenomenal personal ads from as far back as the Civil War.

While many are signed in the hopes of love, some of these archaic personals serve as thank you’s. For example:

“THE LADY WHO LOST HER KING CHARLES’S SPANIEL near Union square, in Broadway, yesterday morning, tenders her most cordial thanks to the gentleman who so kindly volunteered to release him from the thief, and sympathies with the young man who was knocked down in the melee. — March 28, 1855 New York Herald.” (Bader 108)

Or as thanks in the form of a ringing endorsement:

“I HEREBY RETURN MY THANKS TO DR. H. A. DANIELS, of 221 Sixth avenue, near Fourteenth street, for skillfully removing without pain a large foreign substance from my ear, which had troubled me for a considerable time. I can fully testify to the doctor’s ability as a surgeon. GEO. BOWERYEM. — December 21, 1862, New York Sunday Mercury.” (Bader 109)

Or even as good riddance:

“X. Z. — IF YOU MUST HAVE A REASON why I refuse you, understand, then, that I canot marry a man who wears soiled linen, has foul teeth and breath, and uses tabasco and whisky. Faugh! GENERRA — November 16 1862, New York Sunday Mercury.” (Bader 109)

Man, Generra, a real straight shooter.

Do you have someone you’ve been meaning to get a message to, but you’re not sure where or how to contact them? Are you a scorned ex-lover who wishes to express your deep dissatisfaction with your detestable heartbreaker?

Place a personal ad on the Thrifty Nickel Online at  Just click the tab on the top of the page that reads Place An Ad! You can click the personals heading underneath that. $5.75 for the first ten words, .40 cents per each additional word. One picture free with each ad!  And because we love you and appreciate your business, we offer you a second week free when you place your ad online at!

Let us help you find love through online advertising!

Use Classified Ads to Find Exactly What You Want

Classified ads via the Thrifty Nickel can help you find whatever you may be looking for, no matter how ridiculous.

Missing one specific bowl in your amazing Pyrex collection? Who’s to say Ellen two towns over doesn’t have one she’s dying to get rid of? After all, her evil monster-in-law gave it to her before the divorce. She doesn’t need it. Would you rather place an ad describing the specifics of your niche object, or scour garage sales county wide for something that may not be there?

Placing a Wanted ad in the Thrifty Nickel at is like having an extra thousand people accompanying you to garage sales and thrift stores, picking through piles of wreckage for your one treasured item. Except, by placing your ad, you automatically have access to items beyond typical garage and thrift sales. You’ve allowed your message to go directly into homes full of items that may store the very thing you seek.

Currently we’re helping people find exactly what they’re looking for, like this fellow:

BUYING VINTAGE Musical Instruments. Amplifiers, Guitars, Bass’s, Drums Any Band Instruments. 432-556-5760 or bring by 5904 W. Hwy. 80, Midland, TX. KEN’S RV SALES.

Just because the section is labeled Wanted: Have Cash Will Buy, doesn’t necessarily limit you to a monetary trade. You could barter with those other collectors who covet the items you’d like. After all, bartering and trading are our oldest forms of sale.

In Sara Bader’s Strange Red Cow, Bader collects classified ads from across the lands of time to illustrate the importance of archiving in historical understanding. She dedicates an entire chapter to Swaps, which essentially are olden day Wanted Ads.

“A VELOCIPEDE (a bicycle) WANTED IN EXCHANGE FOR dentistry; for one in perfect order first class work will be guaranteed. Address Dentist, Herald office. — April 22, 1869 New York Herald

I’d say one well-tuned bicycle is absolutely worth a good amount of dentistry. It also illustrates the value of skills in trade. Perhaps for that comic book you just have to have for your collection, you could trade its owner some accounting, if that’s where your talents lie.

“SINGER OR DOMESTIC I want to exchange a Sewing Machine for a cheap boat, one suitable for a trip up Salt River in November. Also one for a second hand grocery wagon, and wanted to buy a light pair of wheels with pole for truck wagon. AH SIN, North Hope, Me. — October 18, 1892, Rockland Courier-Gazette (Maine)”

Sincerely, place a Wanted ad in the Thrifty Nickel Classified Ads. It could not be easier to advertise online than with the Thrifty Nickel. Just head to and click the tab on the top of the page that reads Place An Ad! $5.75 for the first ten words, .40 cents per each additional word. One picture free with each ad!  And because we love you and appreciate your business, we offer you a second week free when you place your ad online at!

Happy hunting!

The Thrifty Nickel Finds You Help!

If you’re looking for the perfect addition to your business family, the Thrifty Nickel sure can help! We have a vast employment section on our website,, where you can post all of your HELP WANTED needs.

Perhaps you need someone to mow your lawn a few days a week. The Thrifty Nickel gets your needs to the public. Surely, MaryAnn a couple roads over will see your ad and send her son Bobby right over for an honest day’s work of lawn mowing. Offer a price in our paper directly to entice candidates or leave the compensation more open ended, to be discussed when services are rendered.

Maybe you don’t need a service, rather, you need work. You too should check out the Thrifty Nickel online! Looking for a new job?

Try this one, an ad in our Classifieds this week:

DEPENDABLE FLEXIBLE STYLIST NEEDED Are you ready for a fresh start with new opportunities? Paid weekly. Excellent pay with opportunity for advancement. One week vacation after six months of employment. Paid Holidays. Sale commission on retail products. Promotion and contests. Advance education provided. Apply at 2275 Linda Ave. 432-332-3009.

Are you a qualified professional seeking a move, contemplating a serious life change? Try this on for size:

REAGAN HOSPITAL District is now accepting applications for a full time Radiology Technician. Qualifications include an Associate Degree in Radiology and current ARRT registration. CT experience is preferred, ultrasound experience a plus. Duties include ER, inpatient, and outpatient procedures. We offer flexible scheduling, oncall compensation, and an excellent compensation package commensurate with experience. Please contact Amy Wireman in the Administration Office at 805 N. Main, Big Lake Texas 76932, 325-884-2561 Ext. 736 or email for a full position description, to obtain an application, or to submit a resume.

Unbelievably, since the advent of classified ads, the Help Wanted section has been the fastest growing and the most enduring branch of the advertising tree. In Sara Bader’s marvelous history on classifieds, Strange Red Cow, which gets mentioned a fair deal on this blog due to it’s impressive compilation of vintage ads, Bader reprints some amazing Help Wanted ads she found. See if they sound similar to the ones you can find today in the Thrifty Nickel.

“A FIRST-CLASS CARPENTER wanted, of about 25 years of age, having some experience with wood-working machinery; must be an American, of American parentage, a Protestant, and a graduate of public school; must be naturally handy with a pen, quick and correct at figures; a good opportunity and a permanent position for a bright, active young man of the right sort. Address, starting particulars, E.B.J., Boston Transcript. — June 23, 1897, Boston Evening Transcript” (Bader 137)

While the qualifications for hiring appear more stilted and based on birth than talent, it was 1897, and otherwise sounds much like today’s ads.

Here’s one from a woman seeking employment:

“NO ONE seems to want a nurse who is 50 years old. I’ve 24 yrs.’ experience in all kinds nursing, can cook, keep house, drive a car, make quilts, knit — yes, milk cows and make butter. I’m discouraged…because I know there’s “lots of life in this old gal yet.” JF411 — February 1940, Yankee (Dublin, New Hampshire).” (Bader 138)

Go on over to, peruse our employment listings for your dream jobs or place the perfect ad to attract your dream employee!

Thrifty Nickel Classifieds Presents Lost and Found!

Thrifty Nickel Classifieds added a Lost and Found section to their incredibly convenient online web service over at!

Have you misplaced your textbook? Perhaps left it on a table at McDonald’s when you were studying over a Big Mac and fries? Maybe sat it down on the seat next to you in the bus and forgot all about its existence? Place a notice in the Thrifty Nickel online! Perhaps a good samaritan picked up your quantum physics text, they would love to return it. We all know how expensive text books can be.

Did your pup fly the coop? Your chicken get out of the dog house? Search for them through the Thrifty Nickel Classifieds online. Throw out a wider net for your lost animals. Utilize the eyes of all who read the Thrifty Nickel. Place a lost and found ad today!

People lose things everyday. Some lucky people find things everyday. The Thrifty Nickel online provides a platform for exchange between the unlucky losers and the mysterious finders. For centuries the lost and found ad has resided in classified newspapers providing future generations with a survey of humanity through the remaining archives.

In Sara Bader’s fabulous book Strange Red Cow Bader compiles some of these fascinating lost and founds. While not all losts have a found, the ones that do instill within the reader the amazing sense of honesty and community that did and still does exist.

For example this lost ad was responded to within two weeks of placement:

“LOST, yesterday between the meeting-house in Worcester, and the road lading to Hardwick, a pair of SADDLE BAGS, containing a Cheese, some pulled Sheeps Wool, a number of Apples, a stripped small Apron, and a small pair of blue Stockings. Whoever has found the same, and will leave them at the Printing-Office in Worcester, or deliver them to me in Hardwick, shall be handsomely rewarded by JOSEPH BERNARD. Decem. 24th. — December 25, 1777, Massachusetts Spy or, American Oracle of Liberty

FOUND last week, a pair of SADDLE-BAGS, containing a number of Apples, and other valuable eatables &c. Enquire at Mrs. Jones’s inn-holder, Worcester. — January 1, 1778, Massachusetts Spy or, American Oracle of Liberty” (Bader 10).

Go on over to, click Place and Ad, then click the Lost and Found tab. It really could not be easier to recover your belongings online than with the Thrifty Nickel. $5.75 for the first ten words, .40 cents per each additional word. One picture free with each ad!  And because we love you and appreciate your business, we offer you a second week free when you place your ad online at!

Make sure your lost items are found! Place an announcement in our classifieds and restore your faith in humanity!