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Elvira thinks it’s spooky how convenient our free online classifieds are at!

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First choose a category from hunting to antiquing! Dolls to dredges! We advertise it all at American Classifieds. Select whichever category best fits your ware or service.

Step Two: Add the listing details for your item! Tell us how long you’d like us to list your lovely ad for, then describe to your potential customers what you’re selling. Remember, description of your item is KEY! Your customer’s interest and desire must be piqued by what you describe, otherwise they won’t think twice about enlisting your services or purchasing your product. This is also where billing information occurs.

The third step elaborates the second with additions of media for your online classified ad. While media is not a requirement of online advertising, any visual aide you can provide for your potential buyer or customer, only benefits your cause. If you’re in a densely populated category, say the automotive section of our free online classifieds, and you and three other people happen to be selling the same exact year, make and model, how will you make yours stand out? Stellar photos and quick communication to all potential customers are the two most surefire ways to sell.

In the fourth step you view, and review your freshly baked advertisement.

The fifth step features a bevy of extras for your purchase or perusal.

The sixth is the cart! Bam!

Email notices from potential interested buyers are sent DIRECTLY to your inbox. You, conversely, as buyers maintain the opportunity to contact sellers directly in any attempts to make a deal, a trade or a meet up for the exchange or testing of goods.

It could not be easier to advertise online with the Thrifty Nickel. Just head and click the tab on the top of the page that reads Place An Ad! $5.75 for the first ten words, .40 cents per each additional word. One picture free with each ad!  And because we love you and appreciate your business, we offer you a second week free when you place your ad online at!

As a buyer you may also set up an auto-search for any specialized item you seek (perhaps a rare map, or a set of plates, or a couch, maybe houses in specific areas) through the Thrifty Nickel online that will alert you any time said item appears in the pages of our free online classifieds.

How convenient!

Find items you seek that others discard:

WE PAY CASH for scrap BATTERIES, Call 432-530-0533. Or bring them to Battery Technologies 520 FM 1936. Odessa. — Oilfield Equipment and Supplies

WANTED: QUEEN Size bed frame & headboard, night stands. 432-363-0000.

Sell anything, find anything, through our Thrifty Nickel free online classifieds!

Join the Space Age, Utilize Online Classifieds!

Online ClassifiedsStep into the future by using Online Classifieds to advertise your wares! Before you write off Online Classifieds, think about the last time you accidentally happened upon something on the internet. I recently saw an article about the five best travel herbs to keep you from getting ill on your voyage. I happen to be going on a string of trips soon, and because of this article, I went on down to my local health food store and stocked up on wellness vitamins and minerals. All because of an article I randomly found online!

Anyone can connect to the internet at any place in the world, unlike hard copies of information which can only travel so far and so fast. That’s what makes online classifieds the enduring advertising vehicle of the future.

Perhaps you make molds for candy making, or you make candy for eating. Why wouldn’t you want to get your business information as widespread as humanly possible? That’s what online classifieds provide for you. We can show someone in China the brilliant ideas and services you create, connect the two of you and hence broaden your business horizons!

Go on over to the Thrifty Nickel website at where you can place an ad in just six easy steps! It could not be easier to advertise online with the Thrifty Nickel. Just head and click the tab on the top of the page that reads Place An Ad! $5.75 for the first ten words, .40 cents per each additional word. One picture free with each ad!  And because we love you and appreciate your business, we offer you a second week free when you place your ad online at!

One of the most important things to remember in online advertising is the visual. Your customer cannot come touch, see, try on or generally work up and appetite for your wares in the flesh. If you’re selling an item, or even a service, a good visual will intrigue your audience enough to hook them. Anyone can take an amazing photo, though it may take a few tries.

If you’re curious about home photography techniques to improve your online advertising game, please check out this article, brought to you by, a beautiful website helping crafters get connected throughout the country.

Another important thing is to make sure you answer all of your potential customers questions about your goods or services in a timely manner. Professionalism is key in all business, but particularly in internet business where you and your customer have no real interpersonal interactions.

Remember, the next time you’re in the market to advertise, the internet reaches more people than any other form of advertising. Come on down to American Classifieds, or visit us on our website to place an online classified!

Pick Up One of our FREE CLASSIFIED Papers!

Free ClassifiedAmerican Classified’s Thrifty Nickel prints a free classified paper hot n’ fresh every Thursday morning for its constituents of the Permian Basin area. Papers await eager deal desperadoes, sale seekers and half-off hunters at over 600 locations Basin wide!

The next time you’re running errands, check for our paper stand, eagerly standing at attention, ready to give you the secret to all the best deals around! Our little paper receptacles decorate the entry ways of stores such as Albertsons, 7-11, Lowes, Stars, many other independent grocery stores and gas stations. Almost everywhere you find yourself on a daily basis, look carefully enough and you’ll find us!

Not only do we offer such a wide spread, intense saturation of hard copies in the Basin of the Thrifty Nickel, but we also provide a web service for our classified customers. Visit our website at to place your ad in 6 easy steps! This ad will be accesible to all of the arenas the paper is, and BEYOND. Anyone in the entire world could see your online classified!

For any self starter, entrepreneur, employment seeker or treasure hunter, American Classifieds free classified paper opens doors and windows of opportunity in terms of exposure and variety.

Helping businesses reach a wider client base:

COWBOY CHRIS’S TAXIDERMY. 24 Hour dropoff, Certified Taxidermist. Offering Top Quality Mounts in Permian Basin. Free Estimates. Chris 432-614-2569, 432-978-6341.

Perhaps you’re a collector of a strange or obscure artifact. Use our paper as a search vehicle! Let us help you discover your dreams! Like Larry:

ARROW HEADS Projectile points bought. Cash. Single or collection. Larry 432-559-8585, 337-3344 leave message. Will travel to buy!

The Thrifty Nickel Online helps widen his search radius to the entirety of the world through the Internet!

A one stop guide to a treasure hunter’s endless garage sale dreams!

STOP WASTING Gas. One Stop Sale. 5715 N. Dixie. Thurs Sun. 9am 6pm. Everything From Books, Crafts, baby items, toys, china, crystal, household furniture, tools, collectibles, antiques, Just Ask we most likely have it or can get it. Call Joe 432-438-8137.

It could not be easier to advertise online with the Thrifty Nickel. Just head and click the tab on the top of the page that reads Place An Ad! $5.75 for the first ten words, .40 cents per each additional word. One picture free with each ad!  And because we love you and appreciate your business, we offer you a second week free when you place your ad online at!

Use the Thrifty Nickel Online to help promote your new business, to sell your old junk, to find new junk, to find a different job, to find someone to fill a job! We help tie the community together with our free classified available at 600 locations across the Permian Basin!

Thrifty Nickel: DOUBLE SAVINGS

Thrifty Nickel

The name Thrifty Nickel evokes our business’s full and explicit desire to help you pave your way down Savings Lane. Under a more scrutinizing glance, if you examine it through lenses of historical phraseology concerning nickels, the name foreshadows not only savings, but DOUBLE SAVINGS.

Arguably, the most commonly conjured nickel related phraseology manifests itself in the saying “nickel and dimed” (also spelled nickel-and-dimed). As a child, your parents teach you the value of money by giving you pocket change every now and again. One day, when you’ve fattened up your piggy bank and start to smell the bacon, you crack open Babe, count your coins and discover they turn into dollars. This, essentially, grounds the nickel-and-dime-ing concept. Any time, on a bill say, a hamburger joint tacks on up-charges to certain toppings. If you want cheese, it’s .79. For any of the following toppings: onion, lettuce, tomato, mushroom, bell pepper add .50 per topping. To add mayonaise, mustard or barbecue add .25.

When the patron sees these extra charges on the menu, all individually, they sound reasonable, a nickel here, a dime there. So you get a burger, fully loaded. Added up, the up charges practically equal the price of a second plain, but juicy and delicious burger. That’s nickel and diming.

Nickel and dime may also mean “small time.” Anything that was “nickel and dime” anchored the opposite end of the “big money” spectrum.

Even lower down on the aforementioned spectrum than “nickel and dime” lies “not worth a plugged nickel,” which means completely and utterly worthless.

In the days of early monetary circulation, mints pressed larger value coinage out of precious metals like gold or silver. People would plug these coins, or remove their centers, then replace the center with a less valuable metal. The nickel, made from a copper-nickel alloy of low enough value to widely disburse as a nominal denomination, clearly lacks enough value to merit plugging. Therefore, if anyone had a plugged nickel it would be even less than a nickel. So, worthless.

There’s also the warning, “Don’t take any wooden nickels.” A saying circa the Civil War used as a parting warning about dealings with Yankees in the South. Another Southern nickel saying, less appropriate for the topic of Thrift, but hilarious insult, is “She looks like she’s been beaten with a sack of nickels.” But hey, she could look like she’d been beaten with a sack of pennies.

Therefore we, at the Thrifty Nickel, not only aim to save you money, but we even want you to save all the way down to your nickels, a coin traditionally utilized in phraseology as synonymous with near worthlessness.

Head on over to our American Classified’s website at, place in ad in six easy steps! Simplify your life and save today!

Remember, Thrifty Nickel– DOUBLE SAVINGS!

Oh, The Places You Will Go with Online Advertising!

Online AdvertisingDon’t overlook online advertising as a means for self promotion and sale vaulting! While it’s easy to take online advertising for granted, what with the technological inundation of this generation and the nation’s general lack of attention span, it remains one of the most effective methods of advertising in this unpredictably fluctuating economy.

At the onset of the computer renaissance, home computers didn’t really exist. Computers were used by mathematicians, scientists and businesses in very official capacities requiring at least one dedicated programer.

The computer industry shifted focus to personal computer use in the mid-70s, but the idea wasn’t widely marketed until the eighties. A new wave of desire for the most advanced home technology spread amongst those who could afford it. Unfortunately, the computer industry’s domestic saturation remained stagnant.

The novelty attached to owning a personal computer (oooh, ahhh, how fancy!) appears to be the only advantage to the primordial PC. Though advertisers billed these computers as able to store and sort all of your family recipes, hold and figure all of your finances, simplify your life in general! These “convenient” features of your brand new, very costly PC required at least one member of your family to adeptly learn computer programming, otherwise the PC existed as a glorified combination calculator paperweight.

Today, at the touch of a button, we can order a brand new computer off of our existing computer. Seriously. has 1-click ordering. You can buy an entirely new device from someone across the world using another device, without ever speaking or meeting this other person you can make transactions. It’s phenomenal!

It’s the wide-stretching (in both distance and diversity) audience the internet reaches that makes it the most effective and viable medium for today’s advertisers! That and the low overhead!

The Thrify Nickel provides a particularly unique service for its advertiser in the sense that it targets the widest radius of people within your tangible community providing you with more exposure in the areas that matter!

Are you an independent go-getter sick of letting the man get you down? You’ve decided to take lady luck out of the equation and get knee deep into the pits of self-employment! Advertise your wares, your services, throughout the Permian Basin and beyond with American Classifieds online!

It could not be easier to advertise online with the Thrifty Nickel. Just head to and click the tab on the top of the page that reads Place An Ad! $5.75 for the first ten words, .40 cents per each additional word. One picture free with each ad!  And because we love you and appreciate your business, we offer you a second week free when you place your ad online at!

Let us help online advertising work for you!

Get Classified this Holiday Season!


Utilize the centuries old, tried and true Classified system this winter season to aid in every width and breadth of holiday quest that may befall you!

Sincerely, we can all keep looking at our calendars pretending the stretch of days between the seventh of November and the twenty-fifth of December goes on for miles. But we all know, the illusion of these time-miles quickly fades and in a few swift baby-week-steps the holidays are upon us.

Let American Classified help you!

Pick up one of our free Thrify Nickel papers, or visit our website, we even have a PDF version of our paper there for your browsing pleasure!

Perhaps you’re lucky enough to have a family who has very specific, easily attainable holiday wish list. If you are, our paper can help provide you with a rich market of independent and established sellers, otherwise inaccessible without the classified forum.

Most out there have the added disadvantage of needing to suss out a bevy of potential ideas for each person on their “To Give” list. The energy and creativity needed to generate enough perfect gift-piphanes would deplete even the most profound energy reserve!

Let us help you generate gift ideas! Browse through our classified pages! Think about it! With our rich tapestry of sellers, it’s like a one-stop-multi-family-cross-county yard sale (that also tells you where all of the yard sales hosted across county are located) all in the grasp of your two hands! Perusing through the jewelry section of our paper, perhaps you spy an antique opal ring for sale. Something your wife always wanted, but you completely forgot about until this ad kindly jogged your memory and solved your gift giving conundrum! Or maybe your son longingly and constantly yaps about starting a band, a wish you’ve never before taken seriously. But, lo and behold, as you read the Thrifty Nickel you happen upon affordable guitar lessons within walking distance from school. Voila, Christmas wish granted!

Even if you know exactly where all of your gifts are coming from and what they are, let us help you generate extra holiday income!

Comb through your closet for any brand name clothes you haven’t worn in six months. Decide to say adios to your DVD collection for some extra holiday dinero. List your items on our website, or in our paper. It creates wide exposure for your product, especially during the holidays when the scent of holiday giving is in the air! It can help free up some extra revenue to cushion that ever so quickly and persistently depleting holiday wallet.

Or maybe you specialize in some type of craft and you’ve been wanting to try your hand at marketing your wares. There’s no better time to try and sell your beautifully crafted, hand knitted scarves, or hand pressed paper.

Let American Classified come to your rescue this holiday season!

Tricky Nickel to Thrifty Nickel

NickelNickel, like penicillin and a myriad of other technological and sociological advances made by the human race, was discovered on accident.

Miners in Germany discovered what they believed to be copper ore. Once they began the copper extraction process, they only yielded slag, a wholly useless mess of metal dregs. The miners believed the copper to be a fake copper ore put in the mines by Old Nick (an impish, or more sinister than impish in some cases, entity of myth who wears many masks in many cultures. Also known as Bacchus, The Horned God, Satan, Santa Claus and, in my favorite instance, a group of water sprites a la Posiedon). All of these manifestations of Nick are tricksters who utilize all width and breath of transformation for deceit. The German name for nickel, Kupfernickel, translates into “Old Nick’s Copper.”

Interestingly enough, miners in cobalt mines also mistook nickel for cobalt ore. The cobalt miners defamed these patches of cobalt that evaded extraction as “cobalt which has lost its soul.” Quite apt considering the German name.

A sample of nickel from a cobalt mine eventually fell into the hands of Swedish mineralogist Axel Fredrik Cronstedt. After running a plethora of tests on something he believed to be a hybrid of cobalt and copper, he became the first person to recognize nickel as its own element.

In 1866 America introduced the nickel in the form we still know and use today. Prior to the nickel, America used the half dime. However, during the Civil War, America, short on silver, needed a new metal for their five cent coinage.


The Buffalo Nickel, The American Classifieds logo showcases this fancy coin, arose during a coinage beautification effort perpetrated by the Taft administration. Sculptor James Earle Fraser submitted his design, one side with a proud Native American, the other the noble American Bison. Fraser grew up a first hand witness to the plight of Native Americans. The portrait on the Buffalo Nickel is a composite of three different Native American chiefs. Which three chiefs Fraser specifically used remains widely contested. After a fairly involved, highly uninteresting, factory hold up in production, the coin emerged from its first pressing in 1913.

Today not much can be bought with a nickel. Newspapers, movie tickets, loaves of bread, candy bars, subway fare, even public toilet entrance and pay phones all require the heartier twenty-five cent older sister of the nickel, and usually more than just one.

However, like the five and dime stores of old, the Thrifty Nickel provides its customers with the best deals possible. $5.75 for the first ten words, .40 cents per each additional word. One picture free with each ad!  And because we love you and appreciate your business, we offer you a second week free when you place your ad online at!

Thrifty Nickel, taking the tricky out of Old Nick’s Copper daily.

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Classifieds: A Staple Through The Papers of Time


Classifieds first appeared in the pages of the Boston News-Letter circa 1704. Residents of the city would place ads for sought items, lost things, found objects, for sale properties, services. A good majority of early classified ads ran on the barter system rather than monetary compensation. From Boston, the idea of classifieds spread like, well, a paper fire.

While this form of marketing clearly became an enduring form for present times, it also provides a beautiful time capsule for future generations, showcasing the needs, wants and desires of the time.

Researcher Sara Bader authored a book Strange Red Cow: and Other Curious Classified Ads from the Past wherein she explores some revealing, peculiar antique classifieds.

In an interview on NPR, Bader revealed some of her favorite advertising oddities unearthed in her archival exploration.

Here’s an example from Bader’s book illustrating the bartering that occurred in early classifieds:

Dated September 2, 1948 from The Levittown Tribune:
‘ Will swap my .410 shotgun with box of buck shells for picnic table or lawn chair. Call Hicksville 5-4631. ‘

A strange, but practical trade.

Personals were also something created long before the Internet Missed Connection sites. Apparently back then, personals were… well, slightly more personal:

`Mae Minnie: Farewell, cruel girl. If not drafted, I will go as a substitute. Your scorn is harder and more pitiless to me than any Southern bullet could possibly be. John number one(ph).’

Harsh, Mae Minnie. And immortalized in microfiched classifieds for all of eternity.

The ad that inspired Bader to pen such a fascinating novel was, obviously enough, about a Strange Red Cow.

`Came to my plantation in Springfield Township, Philadelphia County, near Flourtown, the 26th of March, 1776, a strange red cow. The owner may have her again on proving its property and paying charges. Philip Miller.’

Hopefully Mr. Miller and his estranged strange red cow reunited post-ad.

To read the full interview Bader gave on NPR take a peek here.

The tradition of classifieds thrives even today, accessible now in new mediums. The Thrifty Nickel Want Ads website provides a quick, easy and efficient classifieds service for its clients. It also establishes a gigantic base of potential purveyors for client’s wares– The ENTIRE Internet!

With the advent of websites like the American Classifieds, advertising has never been more easy or accessible.

Head over there, if only for anthropological research. See a cross-section of businesses and wares in the Permian Basin community! Trucks to Antiques! Health Care to Welding, all manner and breadth of services are covered through the Thrifty Nickel online!

If you happen to prefer a more traditional method of advertising, American Classifieds also prints their want ads, a la 1704.

You can mail your ad into, or go visit:

2611 N. Golder, Odessa TX, 79761

or phone:

Odessa Office: (432)333-4184

Midland Office: (432)580-7777

Classifieds make the world go round!

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