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Our Thrifty Nickel has a special Web Page just for our customers who have websites. It is our Links page.

The OurThriftyNickel.com/Links page provides Back-Links to customers who have placed ads with OurThriftyNickel.com online.

A Back-Link, for those who are unfamiliar with the term, is a link on one website which links back to another website. Google, Bing, and Yahoo all like Back-Links and use them to increase the ranking of all participating websites.

For a limited time, Our Thrifty Nickel will add the legal website of anyone who:

  • Places an ad online with OurThriftyNickel.com
  • Emails us at nicole at ourthriftynickel dot com
  • Requests our special Back-Link graphic
  • Places a link to Our Thrifty Nickel on your website.

Gets a free Back-link on our links page.

If you send us your graphic or logo, we will use it to build your Back-Link.

Because of the amount of traffic Our Thrifty Nickel receives, your website may get a ranking boost from Google’s search just by linking to http:OurThriftyNickel.com.

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