Brand new Thrifty Nickel site


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Pot of gold?

Who would want a pot of gold?

For one thing: heavy. I mean seriously heavy. There’s next to zero chance you could get that home without some kind of herniated disc. And then how would you spend it? On medical bills, that’s how.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking about all of those people waving “We Buy Gold!” signs in front of shady-looking local shops. But there’s no way that would work. They’d take one look at that much gold and then just call up their friends to rob you. Then you’d be left there, alone and penniless. With terrible back pain.

So, I’ll tell you right now, here’s what’s better than a pot of gold: a brand new Thrifty Nickel website. You’ll have to create a new account, because everything is new. Even you. But don’t worry — it’ll be worth it.

Go check it out at

We’re still sorting everything out and wiring it all up, so please bear with us at first. If you notice anything amiss, we’d love a heads up at feedback [at] ourthriftynickel [dot] com.


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