Advertising in Newspapers; a Centuries Old Tradition!

People have been advertising in newspapers ever since a printing of the Boston News-Letter included the first ad seeking a buyer for an estate in Oyster Bay, Long Island in 1704. A little time after that, Benjamin Franklin began publishing the Pennsylvania Gazette in Philadelphia. His gazette included pages strictly dedicated to new advertisements.

The Thrifty Nickel in Odessa Texas carries on Mr. Franklin’s grand tradition but on a larger scale. We solely provide pages upon pages of advertisements for you to peruse and find the ultimate deal you seek.

While the incredible power of advertising was slowly discovered, it’s now been exploited to the point of the average American receiving over 100 advertisement inputs into their subconscious before breakfast. Such an inundation of pictures, catchphrases and other sub-psychological agendas forces most Americans, in some way, to purchase these new products.

Rather than provide you with the same fodder, the same message to buy new and buy new and buy new, the Thrifty Nickel facilitates an even older form of commerce, independent seller to independent buyer. We encourage, and help, you buy used. Just because the television proclaims a product superior to its successors does not make that a true fact, nor does it make buying new a financially viable or ecologically responsible idea.

Our lives, homes and planet already amass more junk than we know what to do with. Go ahead, walk around your house right now and tell me that the new Swiffer you bought for 34.91, which requires you to continually buy wet-packs and weird Swiffer pads at an additional and seemingly never ending cost, is better than a mop that cost startlingly less at around 8 dollars and does not need constant purchasing to make it run.

It’s the impulse purchasing of these products, slightly modified from their now seemingly primitive (but more largely effective) ancestors, that put us at an ultimate loss for cash when it comes to big purchases.

We at the Thrifty Nickel want to help you in any way we can. Both by providing you with a website that allows you, the consumer, to search for the exact product you desire without additional input about WHAT you should want to buy, and by collecting the largest amount of used items for you to search through.

Advertising in newspapers is a good way for you to unload all of the unnecessary gizmos and gadgets accumulated across a lifetime of commercialism. Find all of the things you never use, all the while knowing that somewhere else, someone else is thinking of buying exactly that, NEW. Which, is ridiculous.

Please, help your fellow man and ultimately the planet we all call home by searching and placing ads on Just click the tab on the top of the page that reads Place An Ad! You can click any subheading underneath that. $5.75 for the first ten words, .40 cents per each additional word. One picture free with each ad!  And because we love you and appreciate your business, we offer you a second week free when you place your ad online at!

Think before you buy. New is NOT always better and in many cases, is actually worse.

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